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Office environment encouraging of sharing knowledge

Waigaya Culture

Kyowa promotes conversation between staff in order to share knowledge based on the concept that new ideas are born when people converse; rather than simply working in front of a computer. In Kyowa this is called 'Waigaya culture' and it is one of the most important management policies. Of course, as with our employees and with our partner companies, we conduct daily meetings as well.

Free Address (Unassigned Workstations)

Each day we change our seating arrangements (known as 'free address') to create a more vibrant workplace allowing for vertical, horizontal, and diagonal access. It is a mechanism to help spur new ideas through encouraging new stimuli by talking with different staff members.

Open & Flat Family-oriented Management

Every Monday we hold meetings where any topic can be shared by any employee. We promoted the idea of open and close-knit management for all employees, and we will distribute information equally to everyone without allowing information on management to become compartmentalized. This is a policy to help keep all employees aware of the work of everyone else.

All-you-can-drink coffee and water

Adequate hydration is the wellspring of good health. Instead of allowing stress to accumulate internally, we are introducing this to allow workers to function in a refreshed environment. Workers often engage in lively discussions with a cup of coffee in hand.

Alcohol is also permitted! (fracora Bar)

After work hours, the cafe space transforms into a bar with alcohol. You can enjoy a can of beer, or other drinks and a variety of snacks for 100 JPY. It is an environment different from work, where employees can interact and exchange information outside of working hours.

The Tree of Gratitude

A tree decorated with flower-type memos and thank-you notes to colleagues. Whether it be a colleague or a boss, we think that communicating your gratitude is the first step to good communication.

Thorough Support of Personal Career Improvement

Thorough Support of
Personal Career Improvement

Career Support "10% Rule"

We recommend that our staff take 10% of working hours for the week (about half a day in a week) to reflect on themselves and to devote time to think about their future careers, and indeed, many people utilize this time. Entering the new era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, it is said that there are many jobs that will be replaced by AIs in the future. We believe that it is crucial in the development of our careers to act upon the thoughts of the creative work which AIs cannot do, the meaning of our existence, and contribution to society itself.

Side Business Application System

In Kyowa, it is our view that individual growth leads to the growth of the company, so side jobs are regarded as part of that career development. From the perspective that both the individual and the company can grow together, we give our employees permission to carry out side jobs.

Employee Proposal System

Creating an atmosphere where you think on your own. An idea suggestion system.

An employee proposal system is established as a way for employees to give their opinions and ideas at any time. It is possible to submit ideas, such as new product ideas or proposals for work improvement, via the company intranet during business hours, We are all responsible for the creation of the culture where we work and the business that we do. With any proposal, we present the employee with a 500 JPY gift card. All employees are treated from the perspective that each person is a Kyowa merchandiser (a person who can take the point of view of the customer).

Life Support Leave

Based on the idea that the enrichment of a person's private life will lead to an enhancement of their work life, special leave can be taken during the employee's or family member's birthday, with the birth of a child, a marriage of relatives, for participation in a child's activities, etc. As a company, we support a balance between life and work.

Health Management

Health Management

Slow Training

As a company that provides beauty and health to customers, from 2011 we started activities that are aimed at the health and beauty of our employees. By changing our work style and establishing the habit of an increased metabolism, we support the health of our employees. Every morning at 8:45, all employees, including executives, take 15 minutes to carry out unique training exercises supervised by Tatsuyuki Yanagisawa, a former Olympic athlete (racewalking).

Face Up Training

Following from slow training, we perform facial exercises to improve the sagging, wrinkles and dullness of our faces. From among 28 different exercises, we choose one exercise daily and we perform these every morning.

With our customers

With our customers

Events for Customers

We hold various events related to beauty and health, such as increasing opportunities to meet with customers, inviting experts to give practical sessions, and seminars by fracora staff. We hope that customers can feel closer to us and our products through such face-to-face events.

Appreciation Letter

Each employee writes an individual handwritten message to customers, and delivers them together with the product.