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Company History

Kyowa Co., Ltd. was founded in 1960 as Kyowa Yakuhin Co., Ltd. Since then, we have been developing our business mainly in the food industry under the motto: "Customer health first." The company name was derived from the idea of cooperation, harmony with customers, and mutual growth.

From the very beginning, Kyowa has promoted the sharing of wisdom to our employees.
We believe that it is our mission to discuss openly about business both inside and outside the company, to share wisdom as well as to provide good products and services to customers.

February 1960 Established as Kyowa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Minami Nagasaki, Toshima Ward, Tokyo
Started sales of health supplements to pharmacies and drug stores
1966 Started sales of health foods and health drinks to spinning, electric machinery, steelmaking, automobile manufacturers
1969 Started sales of health drinks, health foods, daily necessities to liquor stores
1972 Started sales of health foods and health drinks to medical institutions
August 1975 Established Tokyo Headquarters at 1-1-2, Toyotadamanaka, Nerima-Ward, Tokyo
1985 - 1986 Kyowa Foods Co., Ltd. is incorporated with Nichinan Co., Ltd., Toko Corporation in order to start agricultural business.
November 1985 Merged with Taiyo Industry Co., Ltd. and started mail order business
August 1989 Received commission from the Ministry of Posts and Telematics, began sales of products fresh from the farm to those with Postal Life Insurance as an agent.
Opened the "Osaka Sales Office" in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
November 1997 Transfer of agricultural business division of Kyowa Pharmaceutical Group to Kay · Fresh Access Co., Ltd.
Established Kyowa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.'s Health Food Division and Direct Product Sales Division as a separate company "Kyowa Co., Ltd."
May 1998 Headquarters moved to Toyotamakita 2-21-11, Nerima Ward, Tokyo
September 2004 Mail order sales of fracora 500 started
February 2006 Began sales of health food to dispensing pharmacies
February 2007 Entered into fracora 500's store sales business (drug stores, start sales activities to major mass merchandisers)
May 2007 Head office moved to 1-22-2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ward, Tokyo
March 2008 Osaka Sales Office moved to Nishi Nakajima 6-7-9, Yodogawa Ward, Osaka City
2009 Fracora 500 placed No. 1 in domestic sales of collagen drinks
December 2009 Started business alliance with the Japan Walking Association
April 2010 Acquired JISQ 15001: 2006 (Privacy Mark)
December 2010 fracora Placenta 5000 started selling via mail order
2011 fracora Placenta 5000, placenta series products named No.1 in placenta sales
July 2012 fracora Placenta Extract started sales via mail order
2013 fracora EX won the Gold Award, the highest award in the Monde Selection Diet Foods and Health Food Division, for 4 consecutive years
November 2014 Actress Tomoko Yamaguchi is appointed as the image character of fracora Placenta Extract
2014 fracora Placenta 5000 won the Monde Selection Diet Food and Health Food Division Gold Prize / International High Quality Trophy (*)

*This is given to products that achieved good results such as the highest award, the Gold Award, or the Gold Award for 3 consecutive years.

fracora Placenta 5000 claimed No.1 in the placenta product sales
*H · B Foods Marketing Bulletin 2014 NO 2 2012 Achievements (Fuji Research Institute)
2015 Certified as a "Tokyo Metropolitan Sports Promotion Company"
January 2016 "Placenta Tsubu" reaches cumulative sales of over 10 million packets
2016 Established free address system as part of "Work Way Reform"
2017 Certified as a "Sports Yale Company"
March 2017 Certified as "Habataku Top 300 small businesses"
June 2018 "WHITE'st placenta extract concentrate" reaches cumulative sales of over 10 million
March 2019 One of 11 top companies to receive prestigious 2018 Tokyo Sports Promotion Model Company certification
December 2019 Certified as Tokyo Sports Promotional Company for 5 consecutive year
August 2019 Launched Walking Therapy Personal Coaching Program, supervised by former Olympic racewalker
January 2020 “100 different people, 100 different skins” TV commercial premiered to show fracora products are for all skin types
June 2021 Joined Sports in Life Consortium
July 2021 fracora Advanced Beauty line-up launches with focus on cutting edge technology-based approach to aging care
July 2021 fracora Prime service begins
July 2021 Reached milestone of 25 million sold for fracora’s 100% Pure Extracts