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Message from the Company President

We bring happiness to the lives of our customers as one of the most vibrant companies in Japan!

Message from the Company President

Our company name, Kyowa, represents our desire to cooperate and collaborate with our vendors and build a harmonious relationship with our customers as we grow together. Since our founding, Kyowa's work style has always been about valuing the sharing of knowledge.

Our mission is to promote the sharing of knowledge through lively discussion as we create better products for our customers that make their dreams of being beautiful and healthy a reality.

Life seems to be moving faster as we enter the fourth industrial revolution; now we seem to be entering an era where there is no single answer. To integrate ourselves with these times, we must maintain sound relations with our customers, partner companies, and our employees.

We feel constant gratitude as we aspire to become a professional team consistently questioning what we can provide for our customers. Fearless in the face of change and failure, we will boldly strive forward to take on new challenges.

Kyowa Co., Ltd.
CEO Taiji Horiuchi

Corporate message

We do what we can everyday to put a smile on your face.

Mission Statement

What is the purpose of Kyowa?

To help our positive and independent customers with their own unique values.

What type of company is Kyowa?

We are a bright and cheerful company, and we always discuss things fully and thoroughly from the customer's perspective.

What can Kyowa make into a reality?

Our mission is to improve the health and vitality of each customer and we do this through the use of state of the art technology and science.
With increased stamina gained through nutrition, rest and exercise, your hair, face and body will be looking their best.

4 Basic Principles

  • Corporate CultureThink from the customer's perspective; be frank in your discussions; and act for yourself to do new things without fear of failure.
  • Important Value1We do what other companies do not or cannot do.
  • Important Value2A sustained important value for us is health, beauty, the environment, and taste.
  • Management StyleWe promote a close-knit management style without recourse to overmanagement.

Management Philosophy

  • We contribute to consumers and producers by developing products based on health, beauty, the environment, and fine taste, and then by commercializing and distributing these products.
  • Based on trust and mutual understanding, we will expand our network through collaboration and carry out transparent management with all participants.
  • We must not allow ourselves to be trapped in the past. We must frequently discuss and share knowledge, constantly reform, and strive to be a creative and precise organization with a quick response time.
  • We will be a company that uses our abilities to the utmost to allow our operations to grow and help our employees gain a prosperous life.